Balul de La Castel 2018, Bethany NGO Iași

  • Date: June 2018
  • Service: concept, naming, graphic design, copywriting, social media campaign, video script, video directing

About the project

It was written in the stars that CELESTIAL, the seventh edition of ”Balul de La Castel” (Ball at the Castle), will be the most magical edition up to that moment. The record amount gathered from the most awaited charitable event of the year in North-Eastern Romania, together with the starry concept, signed up the seventh edition for a skyrocketing success.

We are overwhelmed with joy that, for the third consecutive year, our agency delivered a complete naming-concept-strategy-graphic design-script-directing promo kit that helped Balul de La Castel reach yet another level among the top-notch events in its category.

The happiness of being part of making tomorrow a better place for the children supported by Bethany NG is yet to find its words. For now, no earthly terms can describe it.