Shopping City Galați
Extension – Campaign

  • Date: november 2017
  • Service: copy (headlines, sub-headlines), concept, photo session (implementation), graphic design

About the project

2017 was the year Shopping City Galați doubled its entertainment and shopping offer. The first cinema in the city, together with the big brands that opened exclusive new stores in the mall were calling for total success. In order to communicate the grand opening of the mall’s awaited updates, our agency was selected to design a communication campaign in order to grow interest and create buzz amongst members of the public. In order to do just that, we created a catchy concept and a powerful headline (the wordplay “NOI DIN NOIEMBRIE”) and implemented a photo session in Iași, with local partners. Also, the ”new brand, new me” called for a logo facelift and a new visual communication template. And the agency did just that. See below the template (this is when it started :D) and also a few photos that might shed more light on the project’s vibe.