TABĂRA DE BINE, Clinica de Nutriție Iași

  • Date: 2018
  • Service: visual concept, copywriting, graphic design, promotional video, social media

About the project

All is well that ends…in wellness. We’re happy whenever our clients ask for our services when it comes to improving the lives of all the people around us. Of course, all our clients do so, but when it comes to one of our all time favourite things in the whole wide world: food, we’re more than happy to deliver. The wellness camp, an eight-day healthy retreat near Miclăușeni Castle, was one of the complex ones.  We delivered the naming, visual concept, graphic design, communication strategy and social media campaign implementation, we filmed/directed/edited the promo video during a one day visit to the castle and we loved every single minute of it. Here is how it went on: